It's Easy

An FTP site may be cheaper, but you receive no tracking options, and speed is often extremely limited for those who are downloading from your local FTP server.

Bid Intent’s advantages allow you to see who is logging in to view your project, what files they’ve downloaded, and if they are planning on submitting a bid.

Bid Intent is faster than FTP; Bid Intent’s servers are located on a fibre optic backbone, meaning blazing faster connectivity for uploading and downloading.

Bid Intent saves money on tedious office tasks by freeing up those who have to
send out faxes and emails for tenders, monitor incoming faxes for responses on bidding intentions, and continuously sending out notices for project updates.

With Bid Intent’s unique Web 2.0 approach to logins and security, you won’t have to worry about creating new access logins for each project like you would with FTP. Each new project has security and access control built-in based on your tender invite