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Features | Bid Intent

Bid Intent users spoke and we listened! Bid Intent now has a multitude of features available to you, and every day that list is growing. The new architecture Bid Intent is running on allows for us to deliver all of the power of software as a service without compromising the ease of use that comes with having a server installed in your office. In fact, Bid Intent is so convenient, Chewie Media uses it for their day to day operations.

Customer Relations

Track Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Clients, Vendors, Accounts, and Projects and run reports against your entered information.

A Green Solution

Eliminate paper without eliminating the paper-trail. Bid Intent removes the need for fax-machines and printing of documents; you can go 100% digital.

Never Lose A File

Bid Intent uses a mixture of redundant-hardware and secondary backups to ensure that your data can never be lost; now that's piece of mind.

Intent to Bid Registration

Let your trade contractors submit their intention to bid online, automatically creating a report for you on who is bidding and who isn’t.

Centralized Database

Utilizes one centralized database of all of your contacts for ease of access and management.

Easy To Use

Bid Intent has a powerful set of tools that are easy to use. This means you spend more time actually using the program and less time learning it.

Marketing Campaigns

Send out large email blasts to an automated list based on your database of contacts or a custom list of contractors you desire. Quickly create your Invitation Forms and have fields automatically filled in.

Online Bid Submittal

Rather than dealing with faxes, emails, telephone calls, and other methods of contact for online bidding, move all your bid submittals to Bid Intent. Trade contractors can upload a file of their bid to quickly provide you the information you require.

Robust File-Sharing

Store all your project-related files, including addenda and drawings in a central location that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Also allow trade contractors access to these same files to simplify document distribution for tender invitations.

Safe and Secure

Bid Intent uses government-grade encryption for all sensitive data such as passwords and is located behind an industry-leading firewall.

Tracking and History

All events in Bid Intent are tracked, so when you send out an email campaign blast, all recipients are tracked. When a trade contractor logs in and views your opportunity/project, a time/date stamp is recorded along with any files viewed and bids made.