Apr 16 2011
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Patch Notes: April 16th - Version 1.2.3

Hello Everybody,

Thank you again for all of your feedback, it has contributed in large part to the updates being made to our service; we are listening, and we are glad that you are letting us know how we can make things even better for your experience. Please ensure that the version in the program is the same as found here on the site as the latest version; you can refresh your page if it is not. Here are the patch notes for the version update:

  • Creating a user is easier than ever! You told us, we listened; we have updated the user creation area to allow for a basic user creation and advanced user creation form.
  • Created basic user creation, shortening the user creation form by over 60%
  • Moved the original longer form to the "advanced" user creation form, accessible by hitting the "advanced" button on the top right hand corner of the screen when creating a user. Click the same button labelled "basic" while in the advanced form to get back to the basic form.
  • Changed how the folders in the fileshare open and close; clicking on the folder name now opens and closes folders as well as the arrows next to the folder names
  • Changed the region selection map, now making it resize depending on your screen resolution; the map should now be the correct size no matter what size screen you may be using.
  • Updated the art assets of the region selection map to allow for the map to be clear no matter what size it is.
  • Updated user creation code to support upcoming features in version 1.2.4

As always, if you have questions, feedback, or concerns, please visit out forums on this site or send us an email to our helpdesk.

Thank you,

The Bid Intent Support Team