Mar 24 2011
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Patch Notes: March 24th - Version 1.2.2

Hello Everybody,

We've been hard at work the last few weeks listening to feedback and enhancing the features and interface. With your continued feedback, we are able to address things with Bid Intent that may not be evident to us at first glance, but is first and foremost in your minds. Please ensure that the version in the program is the same as found here on the site as the latest version; you can refresh your page if it is not. Here are the patch notes for the version update:

  • Updated the sorting interface for the list of projects to tender, projects, and campaigns for all general contractors.
  • Updated the sorting interface for the list of projects to tender for all sub contractor.
  • Added checkmarks for sorting closed and open items in the projects to tender list for sub contractors.
  • Added checkmarks for sorting closed and open items in the projects to tender list, projects list, and campaigns list for general contractors.
  • Updated how the edit page for projects to tender and projects look for general contractors. Issues with layout and clarity on required data were addressed with this update to make the interface more user friendly.
  • Tweaked the responsiveness of the date chooser component to better enhance responsiveness to click times.
  • Fixed an issue with projects being created when not in the "to tender" phase of the lifespan not being given a proper registration key. While registration keys were still being given to all projects being created in the "to tender" phase, this has been fixed for the former.
  • Updated the campaigns template module to allow for automatically placing line breaks where they are seen when typing in the body box of the campaign template. Issues before eliminated the line breaks during the sending of emails. This feature has been restored to save all line breaks. Manual line breaks, generated through a code, are still able to be created, but this is now not the only way.
  • Updated how the create new project pages look for general contractors. Layout issues have been addressed and a seperation between internal and external information for the project has now been better defined and labeled.
  • Creating a project now has the option to create a new lead entry directly, instead of forcing the user to go into the accounts section first to create one. Since this is a quick create option, not all in depth data is collected, so users will still want to edit the account with more information as time permits.

As always, if you have questions, feedback, or concerns, please visit out forums on this site or send us an email to our helpdesk.

Thank you,

The Bid Intent Support Team

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