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Online Service | Bid Intent
Software as a Service

As of the release of the latest version of Bid Intent, we have shifted the methodology of how Bid Intent is delivered to the end user. Bid Intent is being offered now as a "Software as a Service" solution, instead of an installed solution.

Software as a service is a form of software distribution that allows for the one "location" to be served over the internet to many different users. User accounts and company groups allow for each person's experience of the software to be similar to having it installed locally at your office but at a significantly lower price. Software as a service uses a monthly billing format that can be opted out of at any time. Using this format allows companies to escape high purchase costs and installation fees of other products.

Software as a service also provides a unique set of benefits to you, the client, that other methods of distribution would not have; one of these benefits is unified technical support. By moving to an online served solution, Bid Intent is able to extend it's support to all clients and vendors, taking the technical support burden off of you. Our trained help-desk staff are equipped to provide this to all users without charge to you; we can now ensure that your clients and vendors are receiving the same level of support that you are.

All companies using Bid Intent will receive content and security updates automatically and without charge. No installation is required, and you will never have to hear again that the version that you are running is not compatible with any new features; Bid Intent will just work. Also, this means that all future non-core features added to the Bid Intent solution will be available to all users as an add-on.

Some software is purchased without all of the features being required by the client. With Bid Intent, we are able to offer modular delivery models on optional features. As more features are developed outside of the core features of Bid Intent, companies will have the opportunity to add the new service to their company profile or choose not to subscribe. As a client, you will also have the different billing options available according to your level of use.

Whether you are a large or small company, we will have an option that fits your needs.